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What Is Grant Management?

Grant management is a process that helps nonprofit organizations manage grant proposals by prioritizing and processing grant applications.

The grant management system manages the entire life cycle of the grant. This includes arranging the money, tracking the grant and processing applications, as well as overseeing it during and after the award, and ultimately closing the grant.

This system consists of three distinct parts, including:

Grant Awards: Grant awards are made up of funding opportunities awarded by the federal government.

Funding: Non-profit organizations must meet grant eligibility requirements to be considered for funding.

Eligibility: To be eligible, you may need to provide information about staff members, participants, grant reports and benefits, types of grants previously purchased, and future funding goals.

An important part of the grant management process is writing grants. That is, when the team members physically write the grant proposal with the information they have gathered.

What are the Grant maker and Grant seeker roles?

Grant management involves two key roles: the grant giver and the grant seeker. Both are critical to the overall process. Other roles involved in the process include grantors and funders who help award grant funds, although they are not typically business-oriented.

The roles and responsibilities of the Grant maker are different from those of the Grant seeker.

The grant maker is the person responsible for generating grants. This role entails a variety of responsibilities, including setting strategic goals, evaluating regulations, and awarding grants. The grant maker works for a federal agency within the grants department.

The grant finder is the person who searches for grant opportunities. It is probably the position you are currently in. Among other tasks, he is responsible for identifying needs, gathering internal information, and writing and applying for grants. It can be a non-profit organization or a small business.

Both roles play critical roles in an effective grant management process and often work together to achieve desired outcomes in the lifecycle of a successful grant. Below, we outline the process and steps you should take as a nonprofit grant seeker.

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