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Start Up Grant Writing Package

A good startup service package will usually assist you in forming your company as a legal organization that can run efficiently and economically. We are only a phone call away if you have such requirements.

We provide a variety of choices, each of which is designed to help NGOs prepare for grant funding. Our program is meant to help organizations that are newer or less experienced apply for future nonprofit startup funding.  Our OnDemand and Ongoing grant writing services are designed for NGOs that are well-established or have prior experience with the grant financing process.

We have over ten years of grant writing experience. As a result, we have been able to gratify a large number of grant applicants and assist them in obtaining financing from a variety of sources. We provide a variety of grant services to assist you in achieving your objectives and supporting your good activities for deserving beneficiaries. Grantwell Grant Writing will provide you with excellent assistance when it comes to grant writing. If you don’t have a grantor yet, you might look for open grant programs that might be a good fit for your objectives. Hire us to find out why our clients say what they do in their testimonials!

Ongoing Grant Writing Package

Ideally suited for established NGOs looking for current grant opportunities to help them achieve their short-term funding needs. Research, writing, application preparation, and submission are all included in our grant writing services.

The following are some of the advantages: For near-term opportunities, conduct a 30-day engagement search. Application Preparation and Submission by the Grant Writing Team.

Among our grant writing services for charitable organizations, we offer continuing contracts. These six- to one-year contracts include a wide range of grant writing services. This includes conducting grant research, writing highly competitive grant bids, and participating in foundation debriefings on rejected proposals. Following a successful proposal, we aim to establish long-term relationships with foundations. With these contracts, we take on a role that is far more than that of a writer. We work as consultants to ensure the grants program’s long-term viability.

Non-Profit Consulting Services

Grantwell Grant Writing can ensure that organizations fill executive positions with top-tier and appropriate new leaders for a reasonable fee, which is roughly half of what commercial search agencies charge. Furthermore, because Grantwell Grant Writing, like its clients, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, it knows a nonprofit client’s culture and operations far better than a commercial search agency.

Grantwell Grant Writing makes significant investments to gain access to different grant databases of foundations with the funds to serve charities across the country by providing nonprofit startup awards. We use these databases to find foundations that are interested in your cause, programs, or geographic areas. We also provide our clients with a nonprofit development specialist and a grant writing services professional to ensure that they receive high-quality research and grant writing.

Grant Research Services

At any given time, there are thousands of awards available. Searching for grants that are a suitable fit for your company and making sure you don’t miss grant deadlines can be a full-time job. Allow Resource Associates to find the grant and funding opportunities that your organization is most qualified to win so that your team may focus on other duties.

Our experienced grant writing staff will study upcoming funding possibilities that correspond with your objectives and goals after learning about your organization’s purpose and financing needs. We’ll prepare an unique report containing descriptions, deadlines, and an analysis of your chances of getting money for up to 50 grant contests.

Grant Readiness Assessment

The grant readiness assessment will establish whether or not your charity or group is eligible to apply for various types of grant funding. There are two kinds of evaluations. The first examination will determine grant funding application preparedness for foundations and corporations, while the second will examine federal and state grant funding application readiness.

Please be aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to charity organizations, but the guidelines and essential requirements for foundation, corporate, state, and federal grant award eligibility are rock solid. The better prepared your nonprofit is, the better chance it has of competing with other qualifying nonprofits.

Online Training - Webinars

Are you ready to discover how to write a successful nonprofit grant proposal? Select your first course to discover where to look for grants, how to become a grant writer, grant writing best practices, and much more. NonprofitReady has over 500 free online courses, certificate programs, videos, and how-to guides to help you advance your career and accomplish more good, whether you’re new to the nonprofit sector or want to brush up on your skills.

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