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Grant Management Tips To Streamline Your Process
There are a few tips you can implement to ensure that the grant application process is as efficient and effective as possible. These practices include creating a grant calendar to ensure you complete all steps on time and implementing grant management solutions to streamline the process. We’ll take a look at each of these best practices and explain how you can use them for your own grant proposal process.

Create a grant calendar

Creating a project calendar is a great way to make sure your entire team is always in the loop during the application process. It can also help you get organized and keep track of which grants you’ve already applied for to avoid duplicate work. Your calendar should include:
  • The application deadline
  • The schedule of internal tasks
  • Any recurring dates associated with the grant process
To get the most out of the calendar, look for communication functionality so your team can collaborate directly on the calendar. Ideally, look for a tool with schedule functionality so you can connect tasks to your organization’s goals.

Automate the manual application process

Business process automation can help you streamline workflow, freeing up more time to focus on the work that really matters. And as a nonprofit, more time means more opportunities to give back to the community. Consider using Grant Well to streamline the application process and eliminate manual work. By automating the process, you can set and change due dates, assign work to the right team member, and increase visibility across departments.

Create a resource library

Applying for grants can be a time-consuming task. Compilation of various documents is required to provide proof of eligibility to grant makers and grantors. By creating an organized library of templates, you can easily access information when you need it. To create a library of resources, organize relevant documents that demonstrate information such as income, current funding, and the size of your team. Then save these documents in a shared tool that all participants can access anytime, anywhere.

Implement work management tools

Using Grant Well, can help you monitor and streamline the grant proposal process. It allows you to manage your grant programs in one place, quickly set up workflows, and most importantly, achieve your goals.

By working with Grant Well, you can reduce routine work and spend more time achieving your organization’s mission.

Simplifies the grant management process

Implement a grant management process to ensure your nonprofit receives the funding it needs to make a difference. By following the tips above, you will be able to create a more efficient grant application process so that your next application process runs smoothly.
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