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Grants are funds that you do not have to repay, but you must meet certain criteria, and each grant opportunity has its unique set of criteria. Nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations, for example, must have a Letter of Determination from the Canadian Government proving their tax-exempt status. For-profit companies can apply for some grants as well, but only if they are eligible. Grant Well Grant Writing assists groups in becoming ready and eligible to apply for grants.

Many individuals are unaware that grants can be used to pay for employees, equipment, office space, utilities, meeting travel, and even new structures. Grant funding can sometimes make the difference between eliminating employees and programs and fully realizing your purpose. The impact of grant financing on individuals and communities is enormous! Organizations can use funds to assist injured soldiers, support artists, mentor children, construct homeless shelters, research alternative energy sources, regenerate communities, and enhance schools, for example.

Grants originate from a variety of sources, however they can be categorized into four categories: 1) private or independent foundations; 2) corporations, particularly corporate foundations and giving programs; 3) community foundations across the country; and 4) government grants (federal, provincial and regional). Each of these funding sources has its own set of qualifying criteria, priority funding areas, and grant application deadlines. Grant Well Grant Writing offers training classes on how to discover the right sponsors for your project and how to apply for grants.

Grant funding is available to over 200 thousand charitable organizations in Canada. That's a significant amount of competition. However, there are over 10,000 grant-making foundations in Canada, as well as several Provincial and Federal grant opportunities. Following a proven step-by-step approach, which involves identifying the best funders for your organization and presenting the most competitive and attractive grant request, is the key to obtaining grant financing. Typically, only the top 1-10% of all candidates are funded for any given grant opportunity. Grant Well Grant Writing will train your employees, board of directors, or volunteers to help you acquire competitive grants.

Most grants are competitive in nature, which means that when a funding opportunity arises, several groups will apply for a limited amount of money. As a result, standing out from the throng is crucial. To get you started, here are four suggestions: 1) Carefully read and follow the grant guidelines (or "directions"). 2) Have a well-thought-out project with measurable outcomes, as every funder wants to know "what have you accomplished with the funds?" and "what has changed as a result of your efforts?" 3) Be able to write about your project in such a way that the funder/reader can see what you'll do and how you'll do it; and 4) Be prepared to spend time studying the donors who best meet your organization's and project's priorities.

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