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Why should I have a specialized consultant?
There are many formalities required by administrations and authorized bodies when processing registrations. Moreover, we do not speak the work that is sometimes difficult to understand the administrative language. However, the experience shown by these companies represents a lifeline for many entrepreneurs, who, due to their situation, depend largely on this source of financing to continue with their projects. There are three great advantages offered by hiring a specialized company, in consulting and awarding public aid:

Control in processing:

The specialized consultants know the conditions well and form of work of each one of the organisms, their deadlines, and their way of evaluating. Something that is essential to make the request correctly to comply in a timely manner, and not be ruled out by the demanding formal requirements to which the aid is subject. Its technical teams carry out a detailed analysis of its clients’ projects, to identify both opportunities and threats. All of this creates a climate of trust and security that is highly appreciated by companies that, through these services, access the application for public aid in optimal conditions.

Risk minimization:

Subsidy justification is mandatory in each aid application. All programs contain certain criteria and phases that must be met without exception to access the rest of the applicants on equal terms. Strategic consulting services, in this sense, are responsible for organizing the relevant documentation with the client, as well as designing the strategy, to capture the highest possible percentage of financing. As grant justification professionals, they know in detail how to build successful financial and business plans. Something that, without a doubt, will favor the short-term situation of its clients.

Long relationship:

The intention of this type of company is to grow together with them, and to be able to analyze over time what strategic planning they are going to carry out in the short, medium and long term, and to be able to propose opportunities that are emerging in the field local, regional, national or European. Depending on their nature and thanks to the knowledge acquired, they are fully capable of advising in a personalized way on the advisability or otherwise of requesting aid and subsidies, in their call phase.
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